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Crew Board is your quickest way to find and recruit a first-class yacht crew. Whether you’re looking for a captain, engineer, deck officer, chef, housekeeper or deckhand, we support employers in three simple steps...


Post a job

Take a minute to register your employer account and start attracting top candidates.


Review Applications

We’ll do the legwork and shortlist candidates with the right mix of experience and personality.



Manage applications in our innovative pipeline with ease, all the way from shortlist to hire.

Why choose Crew Board?

We know from experience that traditional yacht recruitment is sluggish and expensive. You don’t have time to filter through hundreds of job boards and CVs, and who wants to pay for overpriced agencies? Our online portal bridges the gap and makes it easy to find talented crew at a reasonable price.

No strings attached

Our platform is completely free to use, so you can start posting jobs without spending a penny. As for hiring fees, we’re a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency.

Quicker process

Sick of flicking through endless job boards and CVs? Crew Board instantly matches every role you post with a list of experienced candidates.

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Quality crew

Our expert screening process allows us to maintain an unrivalled pool of talent during peak seasons.

Easy decisions

Candidate information is neatly organised within our own bespoke CV format, making it far easier to compare and contrast potential crew members.