Our Story

Crew Board has formed from over 20 years of crew placement on large yachts, first appearing on the scene as just4engineers in 1999 which was developed from grass roots by Joe Hodgson, a Chief Engineer who was still working on yachts at the time.

Starting with only four floppy disks holding the CV’s of a handful of friends in the industry and a basic website, Joe grew in prominence with a regular engineering column in a well-known yacht magazine and also producing and maintaining what was known as the engineers list. These were the days when CV’s arrived on the bridge via a barely legible fax, crew had virtually no marine qualifications or safety training. The key to advancement was having good experience and longevity which remains true today.

The hiring of crew was either a local affair or a risk taken by flying someone in and trusting that the crew agent had done their job to present the right person. Captains would also fly thousands of miles to Florida or Antibes to interview dozens of crew and fill key positions. 50 metre yachts were marvelled as the biggest in the industry. Rotation was unheard of and time off was negotiated in dribs and drabs between charters and voyages.

Technology and legislation has changed beyond recognition since those early days. Yachts are much larger, commercialising the industry and forcing the requirement for formal qualifications and STCW’s. Suddenly yachting was considered a sustainable and incredible career path for highly qualified and highly motivated crew. Backpackers and chancers fell by the wayside.

J4Crew was the second evolution adapting to the changing environment, the first agency to send job newsletters and introduce a mobile app, considered game changers at the time. Jacob and Chay who are both trained Marine Officers in their own right arrived with commercial and yachting experience and started to cut their teeth in a fast moving and competitive industry.

We have worked tirelessly for 2 years to create a new concept and platform which is designed to serve the yachting community in the best way possible. We have reimagined the whole process using the latest techniques and best-in-class software developers.

Our goal is to pioneer a new age of yacht recruitment by revolutionising the means of finding and hiring crew, committed to continued innovation and providing value for our amazing clients in the industry of Large Yachts.