Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to any user of our website and services. By registering to use this site and our services you are deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any aspect of our terms and conditions, do not use this website or associated services.


“Crew Board”; “we”; “us” and “our” means Crew Board Limited, registered in England and Wales company number: 11273852.

“Candidate”; “you’, “your” means any person registering with Crew Board or using our services in order to assist with a job search or assist in understanding the job market.

“Crew” means any person who works onboard a ship or superyacht.

“Employer” means any company, firm, person or organisation who uses our services to recruit candidates to work in their organisation, company or pleasure craft. 

“Recruiter” means any person, firm or company who is acting as an agent to provide services to a third party. Recruiters are forbidden from using our services.

“Website” means the domain www.crewboard.com

“Services” means the service or services provided by Crew Board to assist candidates in a job search or to assist employers in a candidate search and any other related services.

“User” means any company, firm, person or organisation, including employers and candidates, that accesses or uses our website and services.

“User content” means any information, documents, materials or content uploaded to our website by the user. 

“Terms” means Terms and Conditions.

General Terms

  1. The website and services available are provided in order to (i) assist candidates in a job search by allowing them to create a profile and apply for positions. It is also used to (ii) assist employers to find candidates in order to fill a vacancy within their organisation or onboard their pleasure craft. (iii) Users can also use the website in order to have a deeper understanding of the job market and to discover information which could help progress their career. Users shall use our services for these purposes only and for no other personal or commercial purpose. Users may not otherwise copy, display or distribute any material from this site.
  2. All intellectual property rights in the website and application including any tools available as part of the service belong to Crew Board. The design and specification of the website and application is subject to change at any time and user content may be removed at our discretion.
  3. All registered users of the website and application are subject to a verification process and Crew Board may terminate the user’s right to access, and also remove any user content for any reason, at any time.
  4. Crew Board may not be used by recruiters. In the event of a breach of this rule by a candidate or employer, we reserve the right to delete the user profile. Crew Board will terminate the use of this website by the recruiter, and they shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid to Crew Board.
  5. We endeavour to ensure the constant availability of this website and services but cannot guarantee that our website and services will be uninterrupted. We accept no responsibility or liability to users for any delays or interruptions to our services and website.
  6. Although Crew Board is a managed database, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability of any of the content or output. The output may contain technical, grammatical or typographical errors. The use of content is therefore entirely at the user’s own risk. 
  7. Crew Board does not guarantee that the content of this website will be free of viruses or secure. We therefore accept no liability with respect to viruses or security.
  8. Candidates and Employers acknowledge that although Crew Board shortlists candidates and helps manage applications, we make no recommendations and do not check references. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that a candidate is suitable for a role, carry out background checks and reference checks. Crew Board accepts no liability if a candidate is not suitable for a role or does not possess the correct qualifications and also accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage as a result of using our services as an employer. We also make no recommendations to candidates with respect to an employer, it is the duty of the candidate to ensure that an employer is suitable. We therefore accept no responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a result of using our services as a candidate. 
  9. Users of the website and application are strictly prohibited from introducing any malware, viruses, harmful code, content or material that could harm the website and IT systems. 
  10. Users must not use our services to transmit or upload offensive, abusive, defamatory, indecent, or obscene content. We also prohibit any racist, sexist or otherwise illegal content. Crew Board reserves the right to immediately remove accounts associated with this type of activity.
  11. Employer accounts are to be used by the company, firm, or organisation associated only must not allow any third party to use their account for any reason. Candidate accounts are to be used by the person associated only and may not allow any third party to access their account for any reason.
  12. Crew Board may link to third party websites for informational purposes. We take no responsibility for the content associated with any third party website.
  13. Users agree that all content uploaded or published when registering onto the website and maintaining their profile is true, accurate and complete. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that their account information is continually updated.
  14. All data collected by Crew Board is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.
  15. These terms and services are subject to change and we endeavour to keep users informed of any changes via email. 
  16. Crew Board is not liable for any economic loss, loss of earnings, profits or contracts, loss of data or any other losses associated with using our services. 
  17. Any notices to Crew Board from users should be sent via email to [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond promptly. 

Additional Terms for Candidates

  1. All candidates agree to abide by these additional terms and the general terms above. This forms a contract between the Crew Board and the candidate referred to as the “candidate agreement”. 
  2. All Candidates must be over 18 years old to register.
  3. The candidate acknowledges and agrees that the candidate is solely responsible for the presentation, accuracy of any information published on our website. Information and documents must be kept updated including availability to ensure accuracy. The candidate acknowledges that the candidate may be contacted by employers directly via email, post, telephone or other means.
  4. Crew Board is not involved in any negotiations between the candidate and the employer with regards to a job offered. This includes all the details of the overall package, salary, holiday leave, and bonuses. 
  5. Crew Board does not guarantee that you will be contacted by an employer and secure a job as a result of using our services.
  6. Candidates incur no costs from Crew Board at any point and do not store credit or debit card details.
  7. Candidate should be aware that no cost should be borne to the candidate for providing employment, other than the cost of obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the  national seafarer’s book and a passport or other personal travel documents. The costs of visas however, should be borne by the employer.
  8. Crew Board tries to ensure that there is no discrimination against age, disabilities, gender or race. 
  9. Crew Board operates a verification system to maintain the integrity of our services. The approval process of candidates is based upon the completeness of the profile, accuracy of information, quality of documents provided, quality of written English, verification of identity, references provided and suitability of the profile picture provided. We do not discriminate against anyone registered or using our services.
  10. You agree that if you delete your account or if your account is terminated by Crew Board, all of the information associated with your account will be deleted, including all documents, content and information. You will also be removed as a candidate from all active job listings. 
  11. Crew Board may terminate your account for any reason without notice.
  12. If you apply for a position, you agree to share your personal information, CV, and any other relevant information with the employer associated with that position. 
  13. You must have permission from referees before publishing their information. You agree that referees will be contacted by us in order to confirm this permission to be listed as a reference with us.

Additional terms for Employers

  1. All employers agree to abide by these additional terms and the general terms above. This forms a contract between the Crew Board and the candidate referred to as the “employer agreement”. 
  2. Upon registration with Crew Board, you will be deemed as having accepted these terms. Your employment agreement will start on the date of registration. 
  3. Payment Terms: To access the full range of services that we offer, Employers must pay our annual subscription price. This price will be set out in our website information and also before confirming payment. The annual subscription price is subject to change and Crew Board reserves the right to change the price at any time. Crew Board requires payment via credit card or debit.
  4. Crew Board does not guarantee that suitable candidates will be found via our system.
  5. You warrant and represent that all information supplied to us is accurate, truthful and complete. Crew Board may request proof that you represent the vessel associated with the account in the form of a certificate of registry.
  6. We reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason without notice.
  7. All job listings must be in accordance with industry standards in terms of the overall package offered, including salary, holiday leave and also the overall living and working conditions.
  8. Employers are subject to a verification process. The approval of an employer is not guaranteed and is based on the size of vessel, completeness of profile, quality of listings, and verification of identity.
  9. You agree not to disclose any candidate information to a third party outside of your organisation, firm or company. You also agree to delete any candidate information within a reasonable time period in accordance to data protection and GDPR laws. 
  10. While we try to ensure that all candidate information is correct and up to date, we make no guarantees that all information, documents, and references are authentic. We also do not guarantee that the identity of the candidate is true. It is your responsibility to carry out thorough checks, ensuring candidates have the correct qualifications and characteristics for a vacancy. We accept no responsibility for such matters.
  11. You are not permitted to use the website to resell to recruitment agencies or any other commercial purposes. You may not download any information or documents for any other purpose than recruiting for a specific vacancy at your company. Your account may only be used by persons within your organisation, company or firm. You may not use any software other than a browser and you may not employ any automated or manual scraping tools.You may not contact any candidate for any reason other than recruitment by you, or your company or firm. 
  12. You agree not to damage the reputation of Crew Board through professionalism and treating everybody with respect.
  13. You agree that all job listings will be visible publicly, may be posted throughout our network and may also be advertised in order to boost exposure, unless the job is made private in which case it will not be visible publicly. Although we endeavour to maintain the privacy of all employers, we accept no responsibility in case confidential or privileged information is leaked.

Version 2, Date created 30/04/2020